A lovely stray puppy ended up being adopted by the residents of the assisted living facility across the street from his animal shelter; they were so fond of him that he ended up residing there permanently.

Unwanted mutt, brown Scout was taken to the Antrim County Animal Shelter in Michigan as a stray dog with pellets lodged in his jaw. Scout is thought to be between ten and twelve years old.

Heather Belknap, the shelter’s director, told The Washington Post, “It is evident that he was abused.” When he found himself in the shelter, he was in the right place.

However, Scout had other ideas. In 2017, the stray canine spent the night at Meadow Brook Medical Care Facility after escaping the Antrim County Animal Shelter three times, all at around midnight.

He was adopted by the nursing home staff after he kept running off, and ever since then, the residents have grown to love him.

When the shelter noticed Scout going missing, they scooped up their stray dog and investigated how he had gotten out and back so quickly.

Belknap discovered that Scout would have had to cross many fences and a motorway in order to escape the animal shelter.

She later found out that after crossing the street, he went through the motorized revolving doors to enter the elderly home’s foyer.

He went into the lobby, sat down on a brown couch, and was found three times falling asleep.

After a nurse noticed him on the lobby couch and reported him to the county sheriff, he was swiftly returned to the animal shelter.

But during his third and last unwanted visit, Scout was well on his way to winning Meadow Brook’s affection; a staff member even brought the adorable dog home with her.

However, she had to think about what to do with the stray because she also had other dogs at home, and not all of them got along with Scout.

She and her colleagues decided that their office would be a great spot to put him since he was the one who had been attracted to the nursing home in the first place.