Two-Legged Puppy Gets One-Of-A-Kind Lego Wheelchair Crafted By 12-Years-Old Boy

When Gracie came into the world without her front legs, her family made a heartbreaking choice – they decided to abandon her, leaving her to face her disability alone. Later found outside a veterinarian’s office, Gracie was in a terrible state, infested with maggots and patches of fur missing from around her eyes, paws, and tail.

Thankfully, when the vet reached out to Mostly Mutts, an animal rescue center in Kennesaw, Georgia, they immediately stepped in to offer this poor pup a chance at life. The Turley family, who ran Mostly Mutts, didn’t even hesitate to welcome this new member into their house. They had initially planned to find Gracie a loving family, but they soon realized they didn’t need to look any further – they wanted Gracie to be a part of their own family.

While Gracie’s original family had turned their back on her due to her disability, the Turley family saw her for who she truly was – a sweet, happy, and affectionate pup who deserves all of love and care. They didn’t believe that being different made her any less worthy.

This loving family was no stranger to differently-abled animals. In fact, Gracie found herself with two furry siblings who, like her, had unique challenges. Her new brother was paralyzed in his hind legs, and her new sister had just three legs. Yet they were all a bundle of joy and affection, excited to welcome a baby sister into their fold.

Gracie could get around using her hind legs, but her mom, Tammy Turley, knew that a wheelchair would be safer and more beneficial for her. The only challenge was Gracie’s growing size; she needed an adjustable wheelchair to keep up with her growth.

Ingenious thinking came to the rescue as 12-year-old Dylan, a volunteer at Mostly Mutts, was tasked with crafting Gracie’s wheelchair out of LEGOs. The project was a success, and after a bit of an adjustment period, Gracie was joyfully zipping around on her new LEGO-built wheels. As she grew, Dylan kept up with her growth, constructing three different wheelchairs for he

Thanks to Dylan’s dedication and the love and care of her new family, Gracie thrived, and her Facebook page became a perfect place to share her new, happy life. Now that she’s done growing, she has her proper, adult forever-wheelchair.

Gracie’s first family may have been afraid of her disability, considering it a reason to abandon her, but the Turley family loves her just the way she is. Their heartwarming display of love and compassion serves as an inspiring reminder for us all – to accept those who are different and approach everyone with kindness.

Gracie, this beautiful little girl, is in the right hands now, and her future is filled with the promise of a long and joyous life. With her new wheels, she’s sure to make the most of every moment.