21 Awsome Reddit Stories Of Rescued Cats And Dogs Finally Safe And Happy In New Homes

Many of you are cat (or dog) lovers, but a few of you love to adopt a stray instead of buying a particular breed. And, sadly, this doesn’t help you to be a compassionate animal lover. As you call yourself an animal lover

you should involve in rescuing and giving a new life to furry companions, whether dogs or cats, who are not living the life they deserve. None of these animals deserve to be neglected and treated unequally because of their mixed breed.

Fortunately, there are still people who are willing to provide all rescued animals a second chance in life, regardless of their breed. From their point of view, stray animals that they found on the streets should be loved and cared for as equally as those that they adopt from shelters.

And this is what we totally agree with. To inspire you, we’ve collected twenty-one short stories of owners rescuing cats and dogs and giving them a new forever safe home. Scroll down and enjoy!