A German Shepherd got loose and raced onto a major highway in the Detroit region on Wednesday morning, forcing drivers to slow down.

An honest person Debbie Allen saw the dog stuck and obviously terrified and sprung into action, making sure the animal wasn’t hit by a car. She pressed up against the middle barrier, trying to keep the German Shepherd out of the way of approaching vehicles.

She claims that although the day had other plans for her, she was her route to meet a client for work.

“I saw a dog in the middle of the road, and it was obviously limping so I knew it had been hit,” she remarked.

Allen, a pet owner herself, said that when the dog rushed uphill, she pulled over and traffic halted. She turned around to grab the German Shepherd because she wanted to make sure it would be safe, but the dog retreated to the busy road when it saw her.

She returned to her car and attempted to block traffic as she followed the dog as a safety measure. As she arrived back, a different driver waited with the dog. Then, to assist, the Michigan State Police showed up.

“I sat with the dog and told him he was safe. I had him look at me because he was looking for an escape route and I said no, no, look at me, you’re safe,” she added.

The German Shepherd seemed well-fed, clean, and mannered, according to Allen. She surmised that the dog wandered off from his house because he was afraid.

When the Humane Society showed there, they were able to take the dog away securely. The canine was sent to a nearby Michigan Humane Society facility despite supposedly not having a microchip. According to reports, rescuers were looking for the owner to reconnect the dog.

“I am not a hero, just a human being,” Allen said.