Carrie Long, a licensed wildlife rehabilitator from Texas Fawn and Friends, is renowned for her expertise in deer rescue. However, her compassion extends beyond deer, as evidenced when she received a distress call about a 3-week-old baby raccoon. The raccoon, later named Jasper, was discovered alone during a rainstorm after his mother had abandoned him.

Jasper, believed to be the runt of his litter, was found soaking wet in a pool of water. The woman who found him reached out to Long for assistance. “We weren’t sure he was going to make it,” Long confessed to The Dodo. Despite the uncertainty, Long’s nurturing care proved to be a lifeline for the little raccoon. Under Long’s attentive care, Jasper not only survived but also thrived. He grew into a healthy adult raccoon, and although he was free to return to the wild, he chose to stay at the sanctuary.

Having experienced the loneliness of being abandoned, Jasper decided he could help the orphaned deer at Texas Fawn and Friends feel less alone. Jasper found companionship among the 75 deer residing in the sanctuary. However, he formed a special bond with one deer named: Hope.

“Hope was a fawn that I received in that had [also] lost her mother,” Long shared with My Modern Met. Jasper’s playful interactions with Hope – who was larger than the dogs he also enjoyed playing with, became a source of joy for him. Whenever Jasper sees Hope, his excitement is palpable. He rushes to her, licking her face and embracing her in a hug.

Their adorable interactions have captured the hearts of many, with one video of them playing together garnering over 55,000 views. The video showcases Jasper’s playful antics, such as climbing all over Hope, lying on her back, and wrapping his arms around her neck. Jasper’s playfulness can sometimes appear a bit aggressive, but Hope doesn’t seem to mind. She happily accepts her role as Jasper’s personal jungle gym.

“He sees her every day,” Long noted. “In the evening, she comes and lays next to him. They’ve got a cool relationship going on.” The heartwarming story of Jasper and Hope is just one of many at Texas Fawn and Friends. Long anticipates that she will need to care for at least 100 orphaned fawns in 2022 alone.

Her dedication to these animals is unwavering. The fawns under Long’s care are not only given a second chance at life but they are also provided with an environment where they can flourish. “It’s very rewarding work,” Long stated, reflecting on her role in these animals’ lives. Click the video below to witness Jasper and his buddy Hope’s adorable friendship firsthand.