Police officers promise to serve and protect the citizens in their community. And for one police officer in Florida, citizens include those of the four-legged variety. Deputy Josh Fiorelli had his heart broken when he noticed the injured dog lying on the side of the road. The dog had been struck by a driver who did not stop to help the animal.

Fiorelli decided he was not a man who could leave the animal on the side of the road all by itself. The officer called for help and took a seat next to the dog. He placed his jacket over the dog so she could remain warm.

He did not leave her side until help arrived. Fiorelli says it was a cold day out. It was also raining. He says the dog only had the officer to keep her company so he stepped up to the plate. The officer explains a lot of dogs get defensive once they are injured.

He says this dog did not act this way at all. He says the dog allowed herself to be petted and taken care of. The officer had no idea that a passerby was watching the act of kindness. Carlos Irizzary was busy walking his own dog when he saw the officer and the injured canine.

He was able to snap a photo of the tender moment. The Sheriff’s office of Osceola County posted the photo on their Facebook page. They applauded the action taken by Deputy Fiorelli. The post showing Deputy Fiorelli with the injured dog went viral.

A number of news outlets showed the photo during broadcasts in their local markets. The dog suffered a dislocated leg as a result of being struck by the car and his recovering in the county animal shelter. She is on pain medication and unable to move very much at the moment. However, a worker at the shelter says her tail seems to constantly wag.

The shelter has been unable to locate the dog’s family and is required by law to wait three days before the dog is given the surgery it needs. Deputy Fiorelli says he hopes the dog recovers fully and is reunited with her family. Were you impressed with the kindness shown by Deputy Fiorelli? Send this article and photo to all of your friends. Officers deserve appreciation for the good they do for citizens – and that includes the four-legged ones!