This Is Bum, The Kitten Born With Forever Worried Eyes Who Stole The Internet’s Heart

This is Bum, a lovely kitten who is going insanely viral on the web these days because of his permanently worried look.

He was brought into the San Diego Humane Society shelter when he was only four weeks old, and they immediately noticed his slightly crossed eyes, that combined with the color of the fur around his eyes make Bum look like he is always concerned about something.

Interviewed by LoveMeow, Courtney of the Sand Diego shelter said that “He is shy with new people, but once he knows you he is a love bug. He loves morning cuddles and to sleep under the covers! He also loves other cats, especially kittens, and has helped raise multiple Foster litters and even spend time with injured ones who are being rehabilitated”.
Take a look at more images of Bum on his Instagram.

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