“Emotional Farewell: Dog Mother Bids a Tearful Goodbye to Her Pup with a Kiss”

In central China, a mother dog had to bid farewell to her puppy after it was adopted, leaving her heartbroken. The separation scene was reminiscent of a mother’s love and compassion for her offspring, touching the hearts of those who witnessed it.

The adorable mixed-breed stray dog has been under the care of students at Zhengzhou University in Henan province ever since she gave birth to a litter of seven puppies in mid-September.

On Monday, a video was captured showing a mother saying an emotional farewell to her brown puppy. In the footage, she can be seen kissing the pup goodbye before it is taken away by its new owner.

As onlookers watched, the woman scooped up the adorable little puppy and headed over to her scooter. The pup’s mother followed closely behind, clearly worried about her baby.

The mama dog stopped beside the scooter owned by her human, with a sad posture – head lowered, tail drooping, and ears hanging low. It was as if she was begging to be reunited with her little one.

The young puppy was handed over to its mother by the owner, who bid it a fond farewell with kisses and licks. The owner assured the mother dog that the puppy would be taken care of exceptionally well.

Afterwards, the mama pooch looks back once more at her little pup before strutting off.

The viral video has moved countless individuals, who have expressed their sentiments that the heartbreaking scene resembles a cinematic moment.

Many viewers have shared their emotional reactions, with some admitting to crying while watching the video. Some even suggested that the two individuals should be adopted together.