The dog realized he was being given away; he trembled and cried as he watched his owner leave.

This is the tale of a dog owner who was forced to give up his pet since he was leaving and couldn’t afford to carry the dog with him.

A guy entered a store, holding his luggage and a little terrier dog. After the guy left, the store owner pondered this. The guy with the dog came the following day and informed the store owner that he seemed to be a decent person to care for his terrier dog.

The dog sensed instinctively that he was being handed away to another owner. His master was moved as his eyes welled up with tears. He discussed his predicament with the business owner. He said that his company had failed. He is now homeless and must leave in order to find another place to live. He knew he couldn’t keep the dog any longer. As a result, he requested that the owner admit him.

The guy kept caressing his dog, indicating that he loved it. His reluctance to leave was palpable. Bystanders moved as they witnessed the heartbreaking occasion.

The master left away, tears in his eyes. He couldn’t keep his emotions in check and had to cover his lips so the dog wouldn’t see.

When the terrier dog watched his master leave, he began whining and trembling, and tears streamed down his eyes.

The owner returned for one final farewell, hugged his dog goodbye, and then left, weeping. Farewell, my friend.

It is not simple to be a dog owner. If a person want to retain a pet, they must be emotionally and financially prepared. They need food and a safe place to dwell, as well as the owners’ affection and care.