Dog Leads Rescuer To Collapsed Tree And Surprises Her With Astonishing Situation

For Mitzi Brogdon, the director of Street Dog Rescue & Recovery, animal rescue is an amazing job. By doing this meaningful activity, she provides hundreds of animals with the chance to find a loving house, where they can be loved and treasured as they deserve. Just a few days ago, this woman saved the life of a pack dog in a rescue that she could not forget.

It was after a hard-working day, while slowly driving in the parking lot, Brogdon accidentally caught a pleading face. It was a brown and black dog standing alone for such a long time, looking for help. Even though there were dogs rescued by her teams that day, the warm-hearted rescuer knew that she just could not ignore the poor dog.

Brogdon later let the pup come closer, named her Dolly, and prepared to bring her to the shelter.“She came right up to me, let me pet her,” Brogdon was then struck by how friendly the abandoned friend was.

Still, there was something that Dolly tried to tell the rescuer. She seemed to be begging for Brogdon to follow her down a path off the road. And, it turned out that there were still friends who needed help.
“She started walking up the path to the cell tower, and I followed her,” Brogdon said. “That’s when I saw all the puppies spilling out from behind this fallen log.”

Brogdon was soon surprised when counting the number of puppies hiding behind the log. There were up to 16 little furry friends playing together when they were found.“I’m used to seeing dogs everywhere in Oklahoma,” Brogdon said. “But that many at once was still a shock.”

Yet, the number of puppies was not the only surprise. These little friends were then determined to come from different litters. This means Dolly, the brave mama, had been watching out and protecting all the babies, even though some were not her own kids. It was impossible to tell how long they’d survived on their own, but it’s clear that they never would have made it without Dolly.

After the rescue, the puppy team was all placed at their foster homes thanks to Brogdon and her effort in finding them a temporary house. They had to wait until being fully vaccinated and then ready to be adopted.

Everyone loves little puppies, and it’s fairly certain that Dolly’s kids will soon find themselves a caring family. Sadly, it was not that easy with Dolly at first. She was in trouble finding a home that best suited her.

In order to help her, Brogdon quickly shared posts on social media and urged adopters to consider this older girl, who was just as deserving and ready for a new home.

Finally, after a few weeks of calling for adoption, Dolly was adopted and became a member of an affectionate family.“She’s perfectly adoption ready, she’s a gem,” Brogdon said. “She’s the one who saved those puppies.”

So, if you love the story and want to support Dolly and her children, please make a donation to Street Dog Rescue & Recovery. You can also consider offering these little friends a loving home by directly contacting the organization.

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