You can’t measure kindness with wealth. The world’s kindest and most empathetic guys are not the wealthiest. They are sometimes the poorest of the poor. Being poor, however, does not preclude them from being compassionate to others.

Oleg is a wonderful person who looks for a total of 30 stray dogs in the area of his tent. It’s not one or two, but thirty. Years ago, Oleg had only two dogs there, but due to uncontrolled breeding, he now has 30 dogs living with him on that barren land. But that doesn’t stop him from adoring his four-legged companions. Despite his precarious living situation, Oleg makes every effort to provide the dogs with everything he has.

When the Love Furry Friends learn about Oleg and spend time with him, the first question that comes to mind is: what can they do to help? Indeed, Oleg’s and his dogs’ lives have been radically altered thanks to the efforts of these dedicated rescuers.

The Love Furry Friends rescuers return the next day to feed the dogs and bring Oleg some food. They also assist three of the city’s youngest citizens in finding a permanent home. Adult dogs are a little more difficult to adopt, but they are still doing their hardest to find them a loving home.

Tima, who was hit by a car, and Julie, who has an eye condition, are also helped by the team to seek medical assistance. Their circumstances are rather optimistic as a result of prompt treatment, and both of them will recover quickly. Look at how appreciative they are!

Last but not least, they decide to spay all female canines in order to avoid unwanted puppies from being born. It could also ease the strain on Oleg’s shoulders, but he would always be content with whatever the future held. This man has a golden heart and is truly a hero.

Watch the whole rescue here: