Top 15 Most Mischievous Dog Breeds In The World

If you intend to adopt a new pet to accompany you through dull days, have you ever considered having a dog? Dogs were the first to be domesticated by humans, and they have been friends with humans for so long. We could never deny how loveable and affectionate they are. They are never out of energy, and these lovely canines can always bring fun to their owners with their mischievous plays.

Some breeds even go above and beyond the definition of “mischievous.” These energetic and playful dogs have a habit of getting into mischief and messing up their surroundings. So, if you are interested, read on as we discuss the top 15 most mischievous dog breeds in the world

#1. Jack Russell Terrier

Do not be fooled by the Jack Russell Terrier’s diminutive size. They have boundless energy and a natural desire to hunt, dig, and chase. Their independence and high energy level can cause problems if they do not get enough exercise and mental stimulation.

#2. Belgian Malinois

For years, the police and military have employed the Belgian Malinois breed. These dogs have an endless supply of energy and are very intelligent. They can become naughty and destructive if they are not given the right exercise and training.

#3. American Pit Bull Terrier