Self Isolate While Saving A Pet: Animal Shelters Encourage People To Foster A Pet During Coronavirus Pandemic

We all know that social distancing is essential to slow the spread of COVID-19.

But there’s no point in denying that self-isolating can be rough. We’re social creatures, and having to isolate ourselves can make us feel restless and frustrated.

In order to make self-isolating a little more bearable, a lot of people are choosing to see it as an opportunity to do something positive, like reading more, creating art or practising mindfulness.

These are all excellent ideas, and now a number of animal shelter’s have suggested another great idea: why not take this time to foster a pet?

Not only do you receive some well-needed company, but you’re also performing a really good deed.

It’s truly a win-win!

Like many organisations, animal shelters are suffering at this time due to the impact of the current pandemic.

Many shelters now have to function with fewer staff members, have had to cancel events, and many are experiencing an increase in their animal intake but a decrease in adoption and fostering.

It’s important that as many people as possible chose to foster an animal at this time, as staff shortages could threaten the wellbeing of the animals.

Animals do not spread COVID-19, so if you’re craving company, you’re way better off spending your time with a cute little rescue pup or kitten than another human being.

And if you’re not sure you’re ready to commit to adopting a pet, fostering is perfect for you.

It’s a temporary commitment and gives you the chance to help an animal in need and discover whether you’re ready to care for an animal permanently.

If you cannot become a foster, you can always consider contributing to your local shelters by donating.

You can easily find shelters and food banks in your area through google, and they need all the help they can get during this trying time.

Many shelters have been struggling with funding and overcrowding long before the COVID-19 breakout, and are now struggling even more.

So if you can, definitely consider fostering a pet. And not just for the animals’ sake, but also for your own.

Science suggests that keeping pets is good for our health and that they bring us comfort and reduce stress and anxiety.

Since many of us are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety due to COVID-19, getting some “puppy therapy” does not sound like a bad idea.

So let us do both ourselves and the animals a favour and agree to support our local shelters.