In Search Of Love And Human Warmth: This Dog Wants To Give Paw To Everyone Who Passes By His Cage!

Animals give unconditional love…!

People don’t realize animals have the same feelings as we do . Their hearts get “br.ok.en” the same as humans.

Every dog deserves to be loved fed watered and a warm bed in a loving home safe for their life time!
It is very difficult to pass by this beautiful little savior, Speck, without stopping for a moment and extending his hand.

How could you resist? What if that was a child?
Speck, who used to be home to the Bullock County Humane Society, is now known by everyone for this interesting gesture. He put his sweet face between the two tubes in the cage and extended his little paw to greet someone.

Desiray Miracle-Wilder sai: This dog wants nothing more than the love of people. He just wants someone to touch him and take his hand. He is always sa.d when the cleaning of his space is finished so that person leaves.
For about a year and a half, this dog waited for the adoption of a family.

Although his life was not very easy, he did not lose confidence in people and animals. He still wants their love.
We’re so happy for the happy ending, thanks God, he found his lovely family at last.

How lovely… he has found a loving forever home.

So glad he’s been adopted by a family who have a farm and 2 other dogs to play with.

God bless you sweet precious baby!

Dear Heavenly Father please cradle this sweet precious baby in you loving comforting arms and find him a loving home just like the one you intended the day you created him

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