Mama Dog And Her 9 Puppies Found Abandoned In A Church Parking Lot.

A mom pet dog was located in the parking area of the North Side Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas, resting beside the container her nine babies were dumped in.

The Do-gooders who spotted them published the following photo to social networks asking for support.

It was then that Misty Boerger of Paw Angel Animal Rescue actioned in to rescue the household. She and also the additional volunteers filled the five-year-old Boxer mix and her two-week-old puppies right into their vehicle and brought them back for check-ups.

The mama, Dory, needed instant care. She had several open wounds on her body that required interest. Sadly, one new puppy didn’t make it, but the others are currently with their mom in a foster home and improving every day. They’ll all be put up for adoption once ready.